Existing Clients

Company scenario

You have a solid customer base, but are sure you’re not making the most out of that potential?

You want to offer additional features?

You want to offer a new kind of product, solution or service?

But for this, you are lacking the time or the human resources?

Hierzu fehlt jedoch die Zeit, bzw. die personelle Ressource?

Optimizing your client pool

The sructure of an existing customer’s demands change constantly. Outdated (sub) systems might need to be superseded. Departments like, for example, field crew, should be equiped with state-of-the-art equipment, reflecting current trends in digitalization, and more.

You are confident that your new product, solution or service fits internal demand at your clients perfectly and will increase efficiency or quality.

CaBa-IT-Distribution generates additional business at executive level with existing clients.

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Success "together"

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